Abbamonte Group

Department of Physics and Seitz Materials Research Laboratory



Peter’s lecture on why the scientific method is stupid
Saturday Physics for Everyone, Oct. 24, 2015

Charge accumulation in La2CuO4-La1.64Sr0.36CuO4 Interfaces
Lecture at KITP, June 2009

Attosecond Imaging with X-Rays
Physics Colloquium @ Harvard University, Mar. 10, 2014

UIUC Physics Gangnam Style
Gan’s famous YouTube video

Electron dynamics in graphene
Measured with 10 attosecond time resolution using inelastic x-ray scattering


Seminar Notes

What is the momentum resolution for x-ray scattering?
Group meeting, Aug. 19 2008

Lecture notes on resonant x-ray scattering 
from the Les Houches School on UV and X-ray spectroscopies of correlated electron systems, Sept. 2014

Lecture notes on inelastic x-ray scattering
From the 13th PSI Summer School on Condensed Matter Research, Aug. 2014



Ruby fluorescence pressure calculator (written by Jacob Ruf)

Our endstation at SSRL Beamline 13

Peter’s Spring 2013 Physics Convocation speech

This Condensed Life
Anshul Kogar’s blog on life and science


Art and other random stuff of interest:
Extraordinary group artwork created by Stella Sun during some long scans at APS Sector 30:
Ali’s award-winning paper for the Microsoft Quantum Challenge (read the press release here)
Xiao’s photo of physicists trying to operate a projector.
Sean riding in the Collegiate Track National Championships: photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4, photo5
Shuai giving a talk in Pittsburgh: photo
Head of colliflower that exhibits fractal-like self-similarity: photo
Old UHV diffractometer being built by Luc Venema, who passed before its completion: photo1, photo2
Young in Grenoble running high pressure experiments (courtesy Xiaoqian): photo
Young in Grenoble not running experiments (courtesy Xiaoqian): photo
Ian Hobson with Nippy the guinea pig: photo